Covid-19 Salon Policy

We take the safety and health of our staff and clients very seriously.

Following the Government instructions on the 19th July for Companies to enforce their own policies. We will be maintaining our Covid 19 policies as for follows:  These will be reviewed monthly


Please read our commitment to you on the steps we take to ensure your safety and the guidelines we have in place for you to take note of prior to visiting the salon.

To keep everyone safe we carry the following:

  1. Cleaning the salon from top to bottom each day
  2. Freshly sterilising all kit and touch points for each customer
  3. Disinfecting Basins after every use
  4. Make sure towels and gowns are freshly laundered at 60 degrees after every use
  5. Disinfecting our reception desk and all door handles at regular intervals throughout the day

Please read before visiting the salon!

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 it is important that all guest follow the following guidelines with no exemptions: 

  1. If you feel unwell and are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you must not enter the salon. If you have an appointment, please call the salon to cancel. 

  2. What happens if I am late for my appointment? To avoid overcrowding, all clients must turn up to their appointments on time. Late clients will be asked to re-schedule their appointment and a charge will be added for time allocated 

  3. Am I able to bring someone along with me to my appointment? Guests will not be allowed to be accompanied in the salon.  You must come alone. Except for carers, 

  4. On entry, what will I need to do? Guests will be asked to Check in, sanitise their hands and grab a gown on entry into the salon. There is a wash station available if needed.
  5. Every guest is provided with hand sanitiser. An Automatic hand sanitiser station available  
  6. Will i be able to get a drink while when in the salon? We will not be able to provide beverages at this time. We will, however, provide cold water in disposable cups. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD OR EAT IN THE SALON
  7. Can I still purchase aftercare products from the salon?  Yes, we still selling retail products. However, please avoid touching the retail stands. Please ask a member of the Siblings team to assist you with purchasing hair products. 

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please ask. Thank you, your cooperation, is greatly appreciated. 

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