Visiting The Salon

We have compiled a few answers to questions we are normally asked before visiting the salon. For more info on Parking, our COVID-19 policy and cancellations please check out the links below. 


Can I bring my child / children with) me when getting my hair done?

We have giving this a lot of thought. Unless the child is having a service the answer is no.. For the following reasons.

The salon is not a safe place for a children we have hot and sharp tools and use toxic chemicals.

It is very uncomfortable for staff to ask someone else's child to behave.

We are an appointment only salon and having to keep stopping while you attend to your child not only affects your service but causes the stylist to run behind.

We completely understand that it is not always easy to get Child Care but we have  to consider the safety of your child and the comfort of staff and other clients. we hope you understand. 

Do you do Natural Hair?

Yes we do. PLEASE NOTE! before coming to the salon you must comb through and detangle your hair to avoid discomfort or being charged for extra time or the service being refused.

Do you do Braiding?

At this time no. We do not have a braid stylist

Do you do children's hair?

We do children's hair from the age of Ten. 

Do I need to wash my hair before coming to the salon?

For most services you do not, with the exception of a ladies Barber cut, hair must be clean and free from any grease or gels.

How long after having my hair in Braids or a Weave can I have a Relaxer or Curly Perm my hair?

Once you have removed your extensions you must comb through wash, condition and moisturise your hair and then give it 5 days before we can Relax or Curly Perm you hair. If your hair is excessively tangled and has a lot of Scalp build-up we will refuse to carry out the service. NO EXCEPTIONS.