About Us

Siblings, Junior and Sonia have seen challenges, confronted and adapted to change and through it all have remained strong and committed to servicing the community with their dedicated team for more than 20 years. 

Whilst training as an apprentice, Junior worked in a few salons both Afro and European and settled in a salon named ‘New Directions’, employed as an Afro hair barber. A high flyer and willing to learn, at the young age of just 20, Junior took over and purchased his first salon where with new found skills moved over to ladies hairdressing joining his sister Sonia who worked as an apprentice.

‘At such a young age it became apparent we still had a lot to learn and made the decision to close the salon and service the many clients we had from our home conservatory to save costs. As the client base grew, space became limited.’

‘In 2003 it was time to open a new salon and this time, ‘Siblings Afro Hair Design’ was born!’

‘Service, Quality and Respect for clients’ time was Siblings main objective. It was very important for the salon to break the stigma attached to afro hair establishments at that time. Clients craved a clean, fresh and open space, where they could feel comfortable, get away from their day to day grind and leave feeling brand new.’

‘To this day, we think about how each client is an individual and needs to be treated as such.’

Also joining Siblings in 2003 employed as an apprentice and proving to be a major part of the foundation and contribution to the growth of Siblings and still with us, is our top stylist Sharlene. Sharlene came as a feisty opinionated teenager, who apart from her age, hasn't changed one bit and we wouldn’t have her any other way. Sharlene quickly honed her skills and became part of the team and of course one of the family. The salon wouldn't be the same without her.

Siblings have employed many many young stars from juniors to stylists. Some leaving us and going onto university or choosing other career paths. We’re very proud of each and every one of them and always wish them the very best.

Our aim is to work to see each client has an awesome experience they can’t help but share! Book an appointment and experience what others do time and time again.