Relaxing / Texturiser & Perming

Relaxer / Texturiser 

Please note, hair that has been in a weave or braided must be removed, combed through and washed at least 5 days prior to any chemical process.

Re-Touch £65
Re-touch Hairline / Partial £47
Virgin Short - Medium £75
Virgin Long £85

Prices include styling

Relax and Go from £42

This service is for when you just want your hair relaxed and conditioned.
Bring in your scarf or head tie. We will add products, wrap and tie it for you can then dry and finish at home

Curly Perm (Perming)

Curly Perm Re-Touch £62
Virgin Perm Short-Medium Hair £78
Virgin Perm Long Hair £85
Spiral Perm Re-Touch from £120
Virgin Spiral Perm from £180

Styling & Treatments


Natural Hair 

Smoothing Systems